Candace Owens Suspended from YouTube For Anti LBGTQ+ Content Violating YouTube’s Hate Speech Policy

Candace Owens Suspended from YouTube For Anti LBGTQ+ Content Violating YouTube's Hate Speech Policy

Written by Timsy

September 21, 2023

Written by Timsy

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Candace Owens: A Prominent Conservative Voice

At 34, Candace Owens holds her own talk show on The Daily Wire, a prominent conservative news platform. In addition to this, she helms a personal podcast. Owens has gained notoriety for making controversial comments regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

The Daily Wire’s Response to the Suspension

A recent update on The Daily Wire’s YouTube channel, delivered by co-host Michael Knowles, informed viewers of Owens’ suspension. Knowles took the reins of the segment solo and indicated a shift in the show’s broadcast strategy. He stated, “We’re moving our streaming directly to our website, as YouTube’s stance towards us has been increasingly negative.”

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Knowles criticized YouTube’s guidelines, which some believe to be ambiguous and perhaps overreaching. He commented, “YouTube’s tendency to silence conservative perspectives has once again targeted my colleague, Candace.” He further elaborated that this suspension bars Owens from any participation or uploads on all of The Daily Wire’s YouTube channels.

Reflecting on the platform’s history with The Daily Wire, Knowles mentioned, “Almost all of us here have faced YouTube’s restrictions at some point.” However, he didn’t specify the duration of Owens’ suspension or the precise cause for her removal.

YouTube’s Official Statement

Responding to the situation, a representative from YouTube clarified their position to PinkNews. They commented, “The Candace Owens Podcast channel received a strike due to our hate speech policy infringement. We strictly prohibit content that harbors animosity against specific individuals or groups, including the LGBTQ+ community.”

Earlier in June, the platform had taken action against Owens’ content. They demonetized her videos following repeated instances where she misgendered transgender individuals. Such actions were deemed a violation of YouTube’s “hateful conduct” rules.

YouTube has a clear “three-strike” rule. If a user breaches its policies thrice within a span of 90 days, they could face a permanent ban.

Owens and Past Controversies

Candace Owens is no newcomer to contentious topics. In the past, she faced backlash for several controversial statements. Some of these include questioning YouTube celebrity JoJo Siwa’s admission about her sexuality, insinuating that frequent shoppers at Target have questionable morals, labeling transgenderism as a severe issue, and lauding former President Donald Trump for his stance against trans rights. Several of these remarks have clashed with YouTube’s community guidelines.

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