Elliot Page Opens up on filming shirtless scene in Close to You: ‘I never thought I’d feel that way’

Elliot Page has opened up about filming his new movie Close To You. (Getty Images)

Written by John Levy

September 13, 2023

Written by John Levy

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Introduction: The Significance of a Return

Oscar-nominated actor Elliot Page steps back into the limelight with ‘Close to You,’ an independent film that premiered to high praise at the Toronto International Film Festival. But for Page, the project is more than just another role; it serves as a public and artistic re-introduction of himself since coming out as transgender.

The Cultural Impact

Page’s return to acting doesn’t just signify personal growth; it also holds cultural importance as it contributes to broader representation and inclusion in mainstream media.

An Inside Look at ‘Close to You’

In ‘Close to You,’ Page portrays Sam, a trans man who reluctantly returns to his hometown for a family reunion. While navigating the complex web of small-town politics and prejudices, Sam encounters an old love that brings a flood of emotions.

Rediscovering Old Flames and New Challenges

Sam’s encounter with an old love rekindles forgotten emotions and serves as a narrative tool to explore deeper themes of identity, acceptance, and the tension between past and present.

The Scene that Spoke Volumes: A Shirtless Moment

On the surface, it’s just a scene of a man waking up and walking downstairs. But for Page, this ‘ordinary’ moment felt extraordinary due to its authentic representation of a trans man simply existing in his own body.

Breaking Down Stereotypes

The scene also serves to break down stereotypes, showing a transgender person in a way that is not sensationalized, but normalized—adding another layer of importance to what might initially seem like a simple, everyday event.

Emotional Revelations and Career Reflections

Page described filming ‘Close to You’ as a process that allowed him to feel “far more embodied.” The newfound comfort and freedom in his role mark a dramatic shift in his emotional landscape as an actor.

The Role of Improvisation

Complete improvisation gave Page the creative space to bring raw, authentic emotion to the role, something he admits would have been almost impossible in the past due to identity struggles.

A Storied Past: Challenges in Earlier Roles

Since coming out, Page has been open about the discomfort and anxiety he felt in previous roles. His memoir, ‘Pageboy,’ includes tales of such struggles, from dealing with a predominantly cis male cast in ‘Inception’ to turning down roles that conflicted with his identity.

Learning and Growing

These past experiences, while difficult, have undoubtedly shaped Page into the actor—and person—he is today, giving him a unique lens through which to approach his craft.

A Milestone Moment: Seeing ‘Close to You’

Page’s first viewing of ‘Close to You’ offered him a chance to see just how far he has come, both as an actor and an individual. He expressed that in contrast to the stiffness of past performances, he could now freely “go with the flow.”

Conclusion: A Transformative Chapter

Elliot Page’s role in ‘Close to You’ serves as both a professional milestone and a personal revelation. The film allows him a platform to be authentic, both to himself and to the audience, marking a significant point in his life journey and artistic career.

The Broader Context

As the world continues to evolve in its understanding and acceptance of diverse identities, Page’s authentic portrayal serves as a benchmark in the entertainment industry, reminding us all of the power of true storytelling.

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